Meet the Liberty Ministry Team

“Hello” from the Dexter family

Ady Dexter, Pastor, Liberty RotherhamOur Senior Pastor is Adrian Dexter. He has been married to Diane since 1994 and they have a son called Jonathan who was born in 2005. Jonathan is full of life and fun. He loves Horse Riding and is in training to compete in the Special Olympics. He enjoys flying in an aeroplane to visit his Mum’s family in Northern Ireland. For a long time Jonathan used Makaton sign language to communicate but recently his spoken vocabulary has greatly improved. Jonathan loves swimming, dancing and eating Pizza. He loves Jesus, and is very sensitive to the Holy Spirit and likes t0 pray and worship. Diane is originally from Northern Ireland and worked in banking for many years. Diane is our Church Administrator, and oversees the Welcome Centre and our Sunday morning Kids Church. Diane also loves to read and is a big fan of Charlotte Bronte and Jane Austin. Adrian is from Lincolnshire and moved to Rotherham with his family in 2006. He trained as an Optical Laboratory Technician and has worked in Optics since 1992. He has also been involved in church leadership since 1990. Adrian studied at Mattersey Hall Bible College where he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Theology. Adrian has a passion for unity and for prayer, and leads “City Vision Rotherham” a relational network of 20 church and ministry leaders from across the borough, and also leads the South Yorkshire Prayer strategy.

Adrian has a desire to see young leaders emerge and grow in confidence and authority. Investing in and releasing those leaders to see Rotherham and South Yorkshire transformed by the power of God. He has a strong passion for Community engagement and is part of the Rotherham Together Partnership, the Independent Hate Crime Scrutiny Panel, the Multi-agency Asylum-seeker Response Forum and he is on the advisory board of Rotherham Central Children’s Centre. He enjoys Northern Soul music and also is a life-long supporter of Notts County Football club.

Senior Pastor, Adrian Dexter, with Diane and Jonathan

Kingsley Paul is our Assistant Pastor

Pastor Kingsley, Assistant Pastor, Liberty Church Rotherham

Kingsley is 40 years of age and originally from Sheffield. He has been married to Anne Marie for 16 years and they have been living in Rotherham since 2017. Kingsley was saved at age 11 years and started ministering in song almost straight away before starting preaching at age 15 years. He is very passionate about the pursuit of pure worship as a lifestyle and he graduated from worship academy in 2013. His worship and speaking ministry has provided opportunities to share the gospel across the country. Kingsley has spent the majority of his career supporting the marginalised in society and he loves to see people develop and achieve their potential especially when it comes to their gifting and growing in their faith.

Rose Flora is our Community Pastor

Rose is from Bangalore, India and is now serving as our Community Pastor at Liberty Church. She has previously served as a Schools and Youth worker for 2 and a half years through the PAIS project. Rose has completed a Masters in Business, after which she responded to the call of God to serve as a missionary overseas. Rose has experienced the healing power of God in her own life and His faithfulness has driven her passion to serve Him, reaching the unreached and encouraging and inspiring Christians to live for Jesus. Rose has a big heart for the Rotherham community and wants to see every person in need come to know Jesus and be helped in their journery to make their life better and meaningful. As Rotherham is such a culturally diverse area, Rose’s role as a Community Pastor is to develop a high level of community cohesion and social integration between the church and those who access its services, with a special focus on individuals and families from Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.

Iona Vignoles is our Worship Director

Iona Vignoles, Worship Director, Liberty Church, Rotherham

Iona’s heart is for our worship at Liberty to be Holy Spirit led and centred around the presence of God. Iona studied and trained at Mattersey Hall Bible College for 3 years. During this time she developed her passion for both Spirit-led ministry and sound biblical teaching. Iona is driven by her belief that when we encounter the presence of God, an environment is created for him to minister to his people and bring healing, deliverance and salvation. Her desire is to create an environment of freedom in our worship services, where all are free to come and express their worship to God. She has a vision to develop a team that is not only strong musically, but that is able to flow prophetically; in tune with the very heart of God for his people. Iona also regularly preaches in our church services and is involved in the leadership of our youth and children’s ministries. All in all, she believes that worship to God is more than just about singing songs, but is about living a lifestyle which glorifies God and she seeks to encourage the church to also view their worship in this way.

Liz Sullivan is our Kids Pastor

Liz Sullivan, Kids Pastor, Liberty Church Rotherham

Elizabeth Sullivan, usually referred to as Liz. has been going to this church since she was a baby in 2001. She decided to become a born again Christian at the age of 10. Liz grew up going to Sunday school here and has always enjoyed it. From school she attended college and achieved Level 3 Diploma in Childcare, from there she had many jobs and went on to work in a public school for 5 years. Alongside this Since 2007 Liz also worked in the children’s ministry at church. In 2014 she got married to her wonderful husband and in 2015 they had a beautiful daughter.

Liz says: “Kids ministry has always been a huge part of my heart. I’ve always enjoyed working in it. There are so many fun times and lots of precious moments. I always feel so blessed to work with the kids and their families. Being a children’s pastor is a blessing and it’s a role that I love doing. I love to see children learning all about how much they are loved and treasured by God. I also enjoy seeing kids becoming all God has created them to be with their gifting and personalities. My vision is to see children not only knowing Jesus through coming to church but actually getting to know him for themselves, just as I did when I was younger. I love to see kids worshiping and loving Jesus with all their heart. Children are such a blessing and being a part of what God has for them is an honour.”

Matt Bell is our Youth Co-ordinator

Matt Bell, Youth Co-ordinator, Liberty Church Rotherham

Matt is originally from Orlando, Florida. He is married to Sharon and has two children, Levi & Asha-Nais. Sharon is originally from the Philippines and is a Nurse with the NHS. Matt went to the Baptist College of Florida for 1 ½ years before transferring to England to the New Tribes Mission Bible Studies Course. After completing that course he stayed on in the UK to work with various churches and councils as a youth worker. Matt has over 20 years of experience working with young people in a variety of settings, including Churches, Young Offenders, D of E, Children’s Homes, Adventurous Activities, School Inclusion, and Street Based teams. Not only does he have a passion to see teens and children come to know Jesus as their personal saviour, Matt also has a great desire to see these young people discipled so they can become great men and women of God. Matt says, “I want to share the love of God with young people. I want to help them learn how to have a close and intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. And I want to equip them to be able to serve God in whatever adventure He leads them into in their lives.”

Peter Crooks leads Liberry Swinton ChurchPeter Crook leads our sister church: Liberty Church, Swinton

Peter came from Adelaide, Australia. Growing up in the faith he started following Jesus in 1997 and has been trying to live faithfully towards him ever since. Peter has a Bachelor of Ministry and a Masters in Practical Theology.

Peter is married to Nicola and they have three children; Matilda, Iona and Josiah. They moved to England in 2009 where they have been working in various different expressions of church. Peter is a former youth pastor and a Christian charity worker.

The Crook family moved to Liberty Church Rotherham in 2017 were they have been involved in various different ministry roles.

Peter says: “I am passionate about people reaching their full potential in Christ through the ministry of Christ and spending time in his presence: ‘Better is one day in your presence than a thousand elsewhere’.  I am passionate about seeing people stirred up in their faith to follow Christ in their everyday life, experiencing the power, freedom and presence of God in a real and tangible way. Here they can come to realise that they are free from the condemnation of the life that we lead and are a new creation in Christ, able to live in the fruits of the Spirit not in the fruits of this world.”