Welcome to Liberty Church,  Parkgate & Rawmarsh

We are a warm, Spirit-led, Growing Pentecostal church that loves Jesus and has Him in the Centre of all we do.

Leaders Welcome

“My name is Gustavo Navarro and my wife is Maressa Navarro. A few years before Maressa and I were asked to lead Liberty Parkgate and Rawmarsh, a dream given to my grandmother stuck with me.”
Liberty Church, Parkgate and Rawmarsh

The Dream

We came to lead a church in this small and very old church building. As we came, people started gathering around to serve. Together, we didn’t tear down the small old building, but as a team, we started building a brand new, much bigger building around the small old one, without immediately bringing the old one down. From the first time I heard it from my grandmother, I didn’t think it was literally about a building, but about a people.

We have a tendency to get used to how things are, and at times We can settle for the small and the old. However, God has placed and is still placing men and women of God, true warriors here to change this reality. We are expanding at record speed, we are building around the small old building, without actually expelling the old and small straight away, but actually building around it to protect it from the bad weather and season to come, and allowing time for it to become part of the ‘New” placed by God.

Want to be a part of what God is doing here?

We ourselves are amazed at the sight of what God is doing, we can’t even grasp it fully. The only thing we can do is to recognise that such a thing couldn’t be done by us, and the full glory is to God. My hope is that some of you will be compelled by the Holy Spirit to come and be a part of this work, fulfilling His very promise for us as a church, and potentially for you as an individual or a family.

Opening days at Liberty Parkgate & Rawmarsh

Sun – Services at 11am (Kids Sunday School after worship)

Tue – Coffee Morning and Pet Food Bank at 10am

Wed – Oasis Cafe Church at 12.30pm

All are welcome!

27 Infirmary Rd, Parkgate, Rotherham S62 6BE


Liberty Church, Parkgate and Rawmarsh