AllSaintsRotherham Forwards Not Backwards – Tuesday 24th February 2016 @7pm, Rotherham Minster, All Saints Square

Join us at Rotherham Minster… In the light of recent developments in Rotherham, that have received national media coverage, a number of Ministers have approached us about coordinating a Strategic, United prayer response to these latest developments.

We are organising a large gathering at Rotherham Minster to pray strategically into key areas and roles within our Community. 

We are planning to invite key community leaders and pray in sections for each community area as follows:

  • MP’s
  • Police
  • Town Mayor and Local councillors
  • School teachers
  • Hospital and support workers
  • Social workers
  • Community group leaders
  • Voluntary sector workers

And most importantly the victims and survivors of CSE. Let us pray for them as we seek to rebuild the community.

If you would like to be involved in helping to lead a section of the evening or if you have any contacts from the any of the key community sections above, who may be willing to represent their section, please let us know as soon as possible. Contact Pastor Adrian Dexter for further details.

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