Prepared for the Harvest – Month of Fasting at Liberty Church

Friday 1 September – Sunday 1 October 2023

From Blue Moon August 31 to Harvest Moon 29 September.
Behold I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields for they are already white unto harvest. John 4:35

Extra Prayer meetings in September

Alongside the fasting we have a monthly programme of extra Prayer meetings, details of the related Sunday Sermon Series, as well as daily online devotions. For all dates and more details please download (pdf) >

Month of Fasting at Liberty Church

There are different ways to fast. Here are some which we invite you to join in with us from Friday 1st September – Sunday 1st October:


  • Full food fast
  • Focussed fast – fast of specific items or activities
  • Daylight food fast – during daylight hours
  • Daniel fast – no meat or other delicacies

Daily Online Devotions

Prayers of the Bible September 2023

You can watch ‘daily online devotions’ as part of our fasting programme at 10am each morning via our our Facebook Livestream:

This is open to everyone from all locations and all your friends. For further information get in touch or please call: 01709 562076.