South Yorkshire Prayer Event ‘Joining the dots’ – Saturday 3rd October 2015

south yorkshire prayer mapdr jonathanSaturday 3rd October we are planning our next South Yorkshire Prayer event, from 12.00noon til 6.00pm here at LIBERTY ROTHERHAM.

We are gathering leaders, and their congregations from across Doncaster, Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield to pray for a revival in the church and an awakening in our nations

We have the leader of the National Day of Prayer Jonathan Oloyede joining us, and leading part of the day, so it will undoubtedly be a significant time in these increasingly dark times. We believe that across the nation God’s is calling his people to stand together to see the Light of Calvary impact our nation again. To find out more about Dr Jonathan Oloyede >

Saturday 14th March 2015 @ 12noon – 6pm

South Yorkshire Prayer Event mapFor the fourth gathering we are heading for Doncaster to be hosted by Legacy, Legacy Centre, Shaw Wood Way, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN2 5TB.

We are inviting Pastors, Leaders, Intercessors and anyone who would like to join us in Prayer, to pray for a Revival in the Church and an Awakening in the Nation.

We are really appreciative and grateful for the kindness of the Leadership team at Legacy for so generously accommodating our next South Yorkshire Prayer Event. May God richly bless all who are involved in standing together in prayer to see the hills and valleys of South Yorkshire echo and resound with the Name of Jesus again!

It would be really helpful if you would kindly forward a link of this message to all your contacts.

Please contact Pastor Adrian Dexter for more details: contact form.

Friday 16th / Saturday 17th October 2014, Sheffield

The third gathering was for 24 hours and was hosted by St Thomas, Philadelphia Campus, Sheffield S6 3BL.

Saturday 29th March 2014 @ Bethel Church, Barnsley

On Saturday 29 March, we called together Christians from across the county to seek The Lord for a revival in the church and an awakening on the county.

We were overwhelmed by the rich diversity of those who came to pray and the various methods of prayer.

In the past the church has been separated by differences but now we celebrate our differences.

We believe that on the day we attracted the attention of Almighty God and we believe that the impact of the prayer day will spread like ripples across every church across the county.

We believe that as God responds to the unity and commitment to prayer we will see the motto fulfilled that says ‘a rising tide will lift all boats’.

We are commuted not to one denomination but to the advancement of the kingdom of God across every church that names the Name of Jesus.

Our next South Yorkshire Prayer event is a 24 hour prayer initiative starting on Friday 17 to Saturday 18 October in Sheffield.

Contact Pastor Adrian Dexter for more information or email the Church office via our contact form.

To find out what happened last year please see below.

On Saturday 12 October 2013 many Pastors, Leaders and Intercessors came together from across South Yorkshire: Rotherham – Barnsley – Sheffield – Doncaster to seek the Lord for Revival in the Church and an awakening in our Nation.

The atmosphere was electric and the presence of God was tangible, as over 200 people gathered at Rotherham Pentecostal Church.

This was an amazing act of unity with worship teams and leaders from many differnet denominations with a wide variety of styles coming together with one single focus: to make the name of Jesus famous in the land.

We believe that the South Yorkshire prayer event was a significant event in the spiritual history of South Yorkshire.

And we believe as a result of the unity and prayer a spiritual climate shift over the County has begun and we look forward with confident expectation to see the fruit of our time together.

On Saturday 29 March, 12 noon – 6pm at Bethel Church, ROYSTON, Barnsley S71 4NJ.

For further info please see Pastor Adrian and Diane Dexter, call or email the Church office via our contact form.