Holy Spirit Encounter Weekend – Friday 20th February to Sunday 22nd February 2015

Jonathan Conrathe, Mission 24Jonathan Conrathe is the Founder and Director of Valley Life Trust which today encompasses “Mission24” and “LifeLink” (including the “Childlife homes” initiative). Jonathan has seen in excess of 200,000 people come to a living faith in Jesus Christ over the last 25 years in 45 different nations. The Lord continues to faithfully confirm His Word with regular occurrences of healings, miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

The Ministry was established in 1994 following an initial training period of seven years with Evangelist Don Double of the Good News Crusade, where Jonathan served as a trainee evangelist and worship leader. The fruit of his ministry has been seen not only in the salvation of tens of thousands responding to the Gospel, but also in the planting of new churches in Uganda (23), Tanzania (3), South Africa (1), Mexico (house churches), UK (1), Philippines (2), France (1), Ukraine (2), and India (mostly house churches…harder to quantify as planted from large open air missions involving tens of thousands of people…reports suggest that hundreds of new house churches have been planted from these events).

Jonathan is sent out with the prayer backing of Kingsgate Community Church, Peterborough, his home church, and is a partner member of the Groundlevel Network of churches and ministries. Jonathan ministers widely in missions around the world, as well as to churches and leaders across a variety of denominations and networks around the UK and overseas.

For more information about Jonathan Conrathe visit: www.mission24.co.uk



7.30pm: Receiving Power

Saturday Session 1 

9:30 – 11.00am – Proclamation gifts: Tongues, interpretation and prophecy

11.00 – 11:30am – coffee break

Session 2 11:30 -1 .00pm – Revelation gifts: Word of knowledge, word of wisdom and discerning of spirits

Session 3 7:30pm – Power gifts: healing, miracles and faith


Liberty Church morning service 11.00 – 1.00pm


This is a FREE event! To book a place on this programme please call: (01709) 562076 or contact us.