Feedback from our past Social Worker Students

Meet Abby, our Student Social Worker (2017 – 2018)

I’d like to keep this parting note enthusiastic and authentic, just like the staff and volunteers I’ve met at liberty church. I can remember reading my first email from my unknown placement and seeing it signed by ‘Pastor Dexter’… I was very shocked! Initially I was excited yet extremely confused, how can a social worker practice in a church?!

Throughout my short time I have discovered how Liberty Church goes above and beyond to selflessly provide for the community of Rotherham. Through activities aimed at every single service user group to foodbanks and emotional support on demand, I have seen some great provision provided by some great people!

I am mostly surprised with how much this experience has shaped me as a practitioner. By building on my existing value base I am now passionate and interested in areas of practice I didn’t know I was before. I have seen my confidence and knowledge grow through direct work with a wide range of individuals that engage with the church.

For any future students… relax, be open minded and look forward to a fun and educational placement!


Meet Fidel, our Student Social Worker


Fidel Kom, Social Work Student.

My name is Fidel Kom.
Social Work Student At Liberty Church

When I was told that I am coming to Liberty Church for my social work placement, I was surprised, nervous and even felt a bit disappointed, but you know what? I have learned never to judge a book by its cover!

What Liberty Church is doing/offering can never be understood from the outside, you need to come and find out for yourself.

My learning experience at Liberty Church has been very exciting, educative and successful with an experienced, diversified and understanding team. The staff are also friendly, supportive and approachable and although some difficulties were encountered, I enjoyed the challenge.

The placement has provided me with strong foundation of future practice and improved greatly my personal and professional development. Supervision from my practice teacher  and supervisor has been very critical, strict but positive, it has improved greatly my analytical and reflective skills thus a good example worth modelling.

The placement provided me with case loads and activities that gave me the opportunity to experience and meet the learning needs and competences identified in the placement agreement. I am  enjoying my time with the service users and staff members. I have already participated in a range of activities such as Underground Mission, for the homeless and other vulnerable people groups, Over 50’s Fellowship, Carers & Toddlers group  etc  while working with the service users at all times. taking part in activities allowed me to get to know the service users little by little each day “A GREAT EXPERIENCE”. There is sooo much to learn and I will definitely influence other social work and learning disability nursing students to come and fulfill a placement within this setting.

Liberty Church is an organisation that aims to value and respect everyone who uses its services, and is widely recognised as existing for social good.I am greatly motivated by the visible contributions Liberty Church is doing to the local community,  it is not only valuable, but absolutely essential. Thank you for your UNSELFISH WORK.


Meet Rebecca, our Student Social Worker

Liberty social worker

Rebecca, Student Social Worker at Liberty

Hi everyone,
My name is Rebecca. I am currently a student Social Worker based here at Liberty Church. It has been fantastic getting to know everyone who attends the Church, both staff and attendees of the many different projects that Liberty has to offer throughout the week.

Working here has given me real insight into the many different issues facing individuals and the community here in Rotherham. I have felt privileged to support others in longer term support work and also to have been able to join in with the support given to people experiencing many different social issues, such as; the effects of benefits and social policy, poverty, addiction and homelessness and community cohesion. I am really looking forward to establishing further community links within the women’s partnership group that will be held here at the church.

What has touched me the most about people here at Liberty Church is the strong relationships that I see on a daily basis, how much support people receive from each other and the church, the openness of others and the willingness of support the Church gives freely to the community.

There really is a wealth of volunteers here who are passionate about their work for others, something which is shared by the profession of Social Work and myself. I have been made to feel really at home here and want to thank you all for your warm welcome and time which is helping me to learn.



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