In-person Sunday Worship Services continue at Liberty Church

Welcome home to Liberty

Rotherham @ 11am / 6pm
Swinton @ 11am
Thurcroft @ 6pm
Bentley, Doncaster @ 11am

1. Social distanced seating will be at the discretion of the individual – all attendees wanting to sit on the same row will need to ask all other seated attendees what space they would prefer before choosing a seat.

We will have full rows of chairs with no spaces except for two aisles….but the Rows of chairs will be further apart set at 1.5 metres 

2. Hand sanitiser and masks.

We will continue to provide hand sanitiser and masks at entry points. Whilst their is no legal requirement – We recommend that people continue to wear masks when interacting with others inside the Church buildings and continue to wear masks whilst singing and prophesying or praying out loud. This will be reviewed in light of the latest government data on the infection rate and spread of virus.

We will continue to ensure our venues are well ventilated.

If you do have any symptoms or someone you have been in close contact with has had a positive test   – please self isolate in line with the latest government guidelines.

3. Continue to love and respect each individual’s decision.

We will encourage respect of each individual’s decision on mask wearing and physical contact / hugs. We will encourage the church to ‘ask before hugging’ and will ask the church to respect each individual’s choice regarding social distancing. 

4. Apps.

We will continue to display the NHS App QR code in each venue and encourage sign-in but there is no legal requirement for people to do so. 

We will stop using the Eventbrite  booking and check-in.

5. From July 25 we will resume…

A. corporate singing

B. receiving an offering (by passing a basket around) 

C. serve teas coffees and refreshments in a social space

D. However, for communion we will continue to use the communion pods – which will be reviewed in September.

View our COVID-19 Risk Assessment >

We will continue to broadcast Sunday services from Liberty Swinton and Liberty Rotherham, and Liberty Thurcroft via Facebook Live >

In addition to the Sunday services special live weekday morning devotions will continue at 10.00am via Facebook Live, and we will continue to run prayer gatherings on Friday evenings via Facebook Live >


Although the church office will remain closed, we will continue to check the phone regularly, so if you are concerned or worried, then please contact the church on 01709 562076 or email: and we will arrange for members of the Church leadership or the Pastoral care team to contact you, to talk and to pray with you over the phone.

We are also concerned about your emotional well-being, and we recognise the challenges of having to isolate or withdraw from regular contact with Church, family and friends, and therefore we will encourage regular contact with each other, via phone or the Internet.

In addition to this, if you need any practical support in terms of food or household essentials, please let us know and we will do our best to resource them and deliver them for you.


We recognise that we are here to serve the needs not just of the Church, but also serve the needs of the community. In the ensuing weeks and months we recognise that many individuals and families will struggle in terms of resourcing food and basic essentials for their homes.

We are intending to keep our FoodBank and BabyBanks open and operational for as long as possible, whilst ensuring the safety of our volunteers. We are also seeking to work in partnership with other churches to provide a strong, robust, public service, that will meet the ongoing needs of our community.

What is God saying?

For many years we have been praying for a revival in the Church and an awakening in our Nation. The western world especially, has increasingly viewed itself as being self-sufficient, and has no need of God. We believe that though this virus is not from the Lord, we believe that God is able to turn the bad into good. God is beginning to shake the nations of the world, to soften peoples hearts and make them aware of their spiritual need of God.

We are believing for a great revival to take place in our Nation and the nations of the world as this crisis unfolds and people begin to turn again to Jesus.


We are closely monitoring updates from Public Health England in relation to our services and events, and will update you the moment things begin to change.

We are praying for you all and we love you all dearly. If you feel unwell and develop a fever or persistent new cough, please visit:

With much Love, Adrian, on behalf of the Church Council.

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