Brother Yun, The Heavenly ManBrother Yun, The Heavenly man

On Saturday the 14th June 2014, Brother Yun spoke at an event, which was organised jointly by Liberty Church, Rotherham and Hope Church, Rotherham.

The event brought in just over 400 people from different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities, many of which had travelled from outside the area to hear Brother Yun.

The evening started with an amazing time of worship which was led by a worship team formed from both Liberty and Hope Churches. There was an incredible and tangible sense of the presence of God in the auditorium.

Flame International‘ shared about the work that they do in war torn countries. They talked about their work and the support that they provide to the people who have been greatly affected by war in so many ways. During the evening a collection was taken to go towards their ministry. The offering during the night came to an incredible £1800.

As Brother Yun got up to speak with his interpreter, the whole room broke out into a loud applaud of appreciation and honour. Brother Yun shared some of the ways that God has helped him in some very difficult times. When Brother Yun was imprisoned for the third time in a maximum-security prison, the guards were determined to prevent his escape and they beat his legs every day to cripple him permanently. One day, God instructed him “stand up”. Brother Yun miraculously rose to his feet and walked past dozens of prison guards and out of the maximum-security prison into a waiting taxi. It was as if he had become invisible to the guards.

When Brother Yun had finished speaking, he give people the opportunity to respond and to be prayed for. This saw around 90 people coming forward, for healing, for the breaking of addictions, for needs, for provision and for salvation. At the end of the night it was obvious that people had been touched by the testimony of Brother Yun, but also by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

Hope Church Rotherham and Liberty Church Rotherham