basics4baby_montage Baby 4 Basics Project, Liberty Church, Rotherham As a Church we are fully committed to supporting and partnering with local agencies to meet the needs of our community. We believe that the strength of any community is shown in how it cares for its weakest members and most vulnerable members.

In this tough and challenging economical environment were still shocked to discover that in Rotherham, there are many families with young babies who are not getting little or no financial support.

In 2015 Basics4Baby had supported over 80 families either with emergency essential supplies like Nappies and formula Milk, or with our New Born Baby Pack that includes everything baby needs for a healthy and safe start.

Basics4Baby is already linked with our established Rainbow “Carer and Toddlers” group, that attracts between 20-40 families each week. It is hoped that suitable and appropriate support will be offered through both official representation from this group, as well as shared wisdom from other carers who attend the group.

The benefits of Basics4Baby are threefold:
firstly, to meet the immediate need of the families in terms of the provision of food, nappies, creams and wipes.

secondly, to establish a pastoral link between the families and a relational support base, so as to identify and address any potential areas of vulnerability or need.

Thirdly, to help provide an avenue to aid with social cohesion and community integration, between a wide diversity of ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds, found in our borough.

We have quickly built up a great working relationship and a strong reputation with other voluntary and statutory agencies. We are already working in partnership with local Health Visitors and local Health Clinics, and see this partnership developing to also including other statutory bodies as need arises.

For further information please contact Liberty Church on 01709 562076. Checkout our Basics4Baby Facebook Page.